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Hear what our clients are saying about us:
MD Billing Solutions is my favorite medical services provider, period. I never have to follow up with them or look after them. In fact, they look after me, my staff and my practice. I sleep better at night knowing that receivables will be received. Enough said.

Rebecca I.
Brooklyn NY
Your company. Our creativity.
It’s your business, but you may want a little extra brain from time to time. At the end of the day, even a company built as a lifesaving organization must be run like a successful business for the sake of longevity. In simple terms, the better it runs and operates, the more patients it can serve.

Looking for ways to grow your practice and/or improve its everyday functions? MD Billing Solutions brings fresh perspective and dynamic to the table following many years in the medical practice consultancy field. We work closely with medical practices of any size to consult in and develop strategies for billing analysis, financial forecasting, governance policy, human resource education and training, process development, coding and chart analyses, and HIPAA and corporate compliance.

We’re In It Together
At MD Billing Solutions, we truly have your best interest at heart. We strongly believe in creating a long-lasting partnership with your practice, all the while learning about the business and developing an understating of its key objectives and challenges. By digging deep and looking after your business as if it were our own, we can be sure to find creative solutions that will really move the needle forward.

For the long haul. Or the short.
Not everything has or needs a quick-fix solution. An organization with as many moving parts as a medical practice generally does better when under the steady scrutiny and guidance of people driven to perfection. We therefore connect with your business on every level and from every angle, ranging from in-house practices and personnel to its perceived standing in the public’s view. This allows us to not only see the big picture, but also identify areas of overlapping concern and bring about positive change.

With all that said, you may be requiring our input just for the short term. Whether to address an isolated issue or to introduce a new process, we are happy to accommodate your every need to your specified objectives.

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