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Hear what our clients are saying about us:
As a surgeon, I tend to hold people to very high standards, as I do myself. After experiencing their code of conduct and seeing positive results, I trust MD Billing Solutions and rely on them with closed eyes. Not only do they get the job done better than anyone else, their services absolutely pay for themselves.

Roselyn M.
Mineola NY
Solutions to Fit Every Bill
Larger organizations often have very particular medical billing needs, and MD Billing Solutions has the infrastructure and customizable programs in place to power any organization’s paperwork. By shifting hospitals and large practices to advanced web-based billing and workflow management systems, we enable them to take control of claims management processes as well as their entire practice workflow.

Documenting All Doctors
Are you a hospital administrator? Chances are you have been on an active search after a better method for managing professional fees. We excel at implementing unified management platforms that combine with your hospital resources to set it apart in the healthcare marketplace. Particularly, our coding and billing solutions keep perfectly organized records to help differentiate between the duties carried out by employed physicians and those seen to by other community physicians. It is structured systems like these that empower you to increase hospital marketshare while focusing on bettering the level of patient care all around.

Maximizing Professional Fee Revenues
Given that the bulk of hospital revenues originate at the facility billing level, many facilities let the opportunity of capitalizing on professional fees slip away. MD Billing Solutions captures these overlooked revenue sources on behalf of hospitals and large practices. This allows the hospital's in-house billing staff to keep its focus on facility claims, together resulting in 100% of due income for the organization.

Specialty-Specific Software
Depending on a given facility’s exact range of offered services, there may arise the need for custom software interfaces designed to keep up with personnel and processes. MD Billing Solutions joins forces with hospitals and large practices to develop such custom software to work seamlessly with our Billing Center and workflow management applications. Proper implementation and in-training result in care efficiency and even inter-facility collaboration reaching entirely new standards.

At-Request Reports
Since our billing systems are cloud-based, another powerful feature is fully customizable reports that are made available 24/7 in real time. The reporting package is developed and customized for each hospital, based on the requirements and objectives of the physician(s) and administrative staff, thus providing in-depth visibility into practice performance and trends. Once in place, the system emails periodic reports to the appropriate recipients, including physicians, administrative staff and any outside parties authorized by you.

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