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Our practice is not the same anymore – in the best way possible! MD Billing went above and beyond their menu of services and worked with us to turn around a managerial and administrative nightmare. They helped us put our patients first by making billing and compliance the last thing to worry about. Our entire team is forever grateful, and we proudly recommended MD Billing Solutions to our colleagues and friends.

Marvin D., Jacquelyn S.
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A New Set of Codes
ICD-10-CM stands for “International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification”. This references the newly expanded diagnosis code set that is poised to replace the current ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 and 2. ICD-9 has a cutoff date of October 1, 2015. After this time, claims filed by HIPAA-covered entities – health plans, clearing houses, and healthcare providers required to send/accept electronic transactions – using ICD-9 would be denied without payment.

ICD-10-CM is being introduced to help diagnose and record diagnostics with considerably more detail and specificity. While the ICD-9 set contained about 14,000 diagnosis codes, ICD-10 contains over 69,000. ICD-10 was developed for use in all healthcare settings in the United State, and features many advances in clinical medicine.

Making the Transition Seamless
This code set change is a big one. The huge expansion in diagnosis codes means you need to work with a team that has prepared for the move and is already well versed in all the new codes. MD Billing Solutions has conducted company-wide training and testing to get our staff ready for October 1st. We will help all our partners transition to the ICD-10 system with no hiccups and without any slowdown in patient care. In addition to our experts being ready, all our software solutions have been updated to use the correct ICD-10 code set from October 1 and on.

What do you need to do?
Not much, really. We will handle the entire ICD-10 update process, sparing you the hassle and responsibility burden of meeting these new compliance requirements. MD Billing Solutions will also provide the ICD-10 upgrade to all its clients at no charge, making this transition easy on the mind and on the pocket.

What are some of the ICD-10 improvements?
- Expanded Injury Codes with 3-7 Characters
- Increased Diagnosis Codes for More Specificity
- Diagnosis/Symptom Code Combinations for Condition Description
- Added Information Regarding Ambulatory/Managed Care
- Greater Specificity and Finer Detail Overall

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