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Hear what our clients are saying about us:
Whether you own a practice or operate a multi-department facility, I would warmly recommend MD Billing Solutions for their professionalism, technological capabilities, impressive attentiveness to client needs, and the money they can save you down the
line. Partnering up with them was the smartest decision I have made in a while.

David P.
Stamford, CT
Adrenalizing Your Practice
Like every good business, your medical practice can benefit from a bit of help in some key areas. MD Billing Solutions boasts a business advisory and management department that focuses exclusively on the medical practice industry. We’ve got experienced teams of CPAs, MBAs, CPCs, CMISs, RNs and CHEs that partner up with you for the business side of medicine. So whether you are just opening the doors to your new practice or have been around for many years, our certified professionals are here to inject business insight, guidance and strategy in areas including office layout and structure, information systems and technology, personnel development, compliance with regulation, governance, financial forecasting and marketing.

Not an independent practitioner? No worries. As part of our management services, we offer flexible options to physicians that operate in an employment model. This helps them get the most out of their existing arrangement, and even plan and prepare for a future in their very own medical practice.

Startup Assistance
Don’t let the complexities of establishing your new practice overwhelm you. Choose MD Billing Solutions to guide you along every step of the way. We will devise and implement an array of programs geared to help you create long-lasting workflow efficiencies while maximizing reimbursements and controlling costs from the get-go:

- Practice Management System Design
- Medical Filing & Recordkeeping Design
- Patient Flow Assessment & Design
- Malpractice Coverage Procurement
- Licensure & Certification Verification
- Hospital Privilege Applications
- Obtain Payor Identification Numbers
- Credentialing
- Contract Negotiations

Practice Management
If the medical practice’s corporate element is not where your heart lies, be sure to partner up with MD Billing Solutions so that you can shift your focus back to administering outstanding patient care. We will work on streamlining the business structure without interfering with the medicine:

- Profitability & Overhead Management
- Policy/Procedure Development
- A/R Management & Collections
- Contracted Payor Review
- Transcription
- Process Flow & Assessment
- Credentialing
- Contract Negotiations
- HIPAA Compliance Implementation

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