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Hear what our clients are saying about us:
Our 4 doctors, 7 nurses, and 3 administrative staff members are all signing off on this one.

Thank you, MD Billing Solutions. You’ve made all our jobs not only easier, but also better.

We particularly appreciate your hands-on assistance in converting all our old paper files into a neatly archived and searchable digital database. Keep up the good work!

Martin N.
West Hempstead
Perfect your Practice with EHR
Tap into MD Billing Solutions’ all-encompassing EHR and change the way you run your medical office for the better. With our meaningful use-certified solution, hospitals, health centers and practices of all sizes are bringing all their personnel and procedures onto a single central platform that promotes collaboration, accuracy of diagnostics and treatments, tracking of patient health and wellbeing, and the eradication of medical errors.

At the core of our EHR is connectivity. With multiple staff members and even entire teams of physicians, nurses and administrators, keeping a consistent, non-repetitive flow of data is critical for superior patient care. MD Billing Solutions provides you with a system that is readily accessible from virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-ready mobile device. Staff members can obtain, enter and edit information from any location – even on the go – resulting in an immediate update in the central filing system shared by all other members.

EHR Vital Components

For a complete solution, three components come together to collectively make up the MD Billing Solutions EHR platform. The Practice Manager is the hub of collected patient data, including patient files complete with doctors’ notes, medical history, past and scheduled visits, medication, allergies, lab results, as well as account billing status.

Appointments and schedules can be managed quickly and easily at the click of a button, and practices can communicate online with payors to confirm patient eligibility and determine what payments will be made and when. Practices can also communicate with referring physicians and send secure notes and clinical data. The Mobile Manager puts all the power of the Practice Manager in the pockets and palms of your entire team. It enables remote access to schedules and patient information using a smartphone or tablet. Physicians have the flexibility of viewing and replying to phone messages, checking patient notes and prescriptions, and entering out-of-office charges, no matter their current location. The Patient Portal connects doctors to their patients, enabling them to communicate over the Internet. Using a secure password, patients can access their physician’s system to see their own confidential information including lab results, diagnostics, statements and messages. Doctors can send their patients electronic health maintenance reminders, statements and lab results.

Able & Affordable

You can easily equip your practice with our EHR solutions in a hassle-free, cost-conscious manner. License fees for our applications can be purchased upfront or leased on an annual subscription basis. Since it requires no third-party software or Citrix or terminal services, you won’t be required to buy a separate database license. There are also no per-computer costs, even when setting it up for multiple users, and we include built-in fax server software at no additional cost.

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