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As a medical professional, your expertise and duties lie in serving and saving lives. That’s why we believe you should never need to spend your valuable time juggling medicine and money matters. MD Billing Solutions’ comprehensive suite of EMR and physician billing services help you spend less time chasing payment and more time acquiring and tending to new patients.

When you partner up with MD Billing, you are empowered with the seamless management of revenue cycle processes and your entire practice workflow. Our Billing Center expertly handles every aspect of claims submission and tracking, EOB scanning, billing, follow-up, payment verification, advanced claim scrubbing for clean claims, and so much more. This can integrate with our workflow management that includes online access to the provider’s office for scheduling, document management, scanning and routing, pharmacy callbacks, and electronic fee tickets, all to take the worry, paperwork and claim denials off your hands so to cut overhead and considerably increase revenue.

How does it work?

The MD Billing Solutions team of reimbursement specialists closely follows every claim from submission to adjudication. After review and verification of the coded charges by Certified Professional Coders (CPCs), our billing center creates the charge in the system, subsequently submitting a clean insurance claim to the appropriate payors. All data files are maintained in orderly fashion, with periodic patient statements generated for follow up and review.

We continue to track the status of individual claims online and in real time for effective reimbursement management. Should a payor fail to adjudicate within the specified timeframe, our reimbursement specialists promptly follow up on their claims to expedite claims adjudication with minimal interruption to the practice. Our staff therefore maintains online access to viable information that payors may request.

Shoot for the Clouds

To keep our powerful billing and workflow center ultimately flexible, upgradeable and easy to master, we designed it as a modern, cloud-based solution. This keeps your practice connected 24/7 and makes for streamlined and error-free processes. What’s more, it introduces a host of new possibilities that position your practice for long-term success. This includes: new payor rules to keep payments on track; follow-up and appeals to see every claim through to the end; global dictionary of insurance information; and account reviews for payer success assessment & improvement opportunity calculation.

Another powerful feature is fully customizable reports that are made available 24/7 in real time. The reporting package is developed and customized for each practice, based on the requirements and objectives of the physician(s) and administrative staff, thus providing in-depth visibility into practice performance and trends. Once in place, the system emails periodic reports to the appropriate recipients, including physicians, administrative staff and any outside parties authorized by you.

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