Hear what our clients are saying about us:
As a surgeon, I tend to hold people to very high standards, as I do myself. After experiencing their code of conduct and seeing positive results, I trust MD Billing Solutions and rely on them with closed eyes. Not only do they get the job done better than anyone else, their services absolutely pay for themselves.

Roselyn M.
Mineola NY
What Does MD Billing Solutions Offer?
We provide private practices, large practices, emergency care centers and hospitals with 360° solutions for managing patient information, billing and documentation, in-house and inter-facility collaboration, and the submission of electronic claims to over 4,000 insurers, both governmental and private.

Do you serve any particular medical specialties?
In an effort to serve as many specialties as possible, our platform is designed to be endlessly customizable. We also have the ability to develop custom software interfaces to integrate with clients’ existing systems, be they a solo practitioner or a group in any range of specialties.

Do we need to purchase servers or hardware to use your software?
You may choose between two models, each with its own benefits:
1. Have MD Billing Solutions host your system offsite, leaving no need for you to purchase new hardware or ever handle maintenance, support and personnel.

2. Purchase your own hardware and host the server at your location. If you choose this route, we will provide all information you would need for proper self-hosting.

Would we have to sign a long-term contract?
No. All services available from MD Billing Solutions are offered on a month-to-month basis.
Your first month of service is FREE, and you NEVER need any long-term contracts.

What is the frequency and cost of system upgrades?
Every year, clients receive one major and one minor upgrade, the costs of which are included in the yearly support fee. Upgrades are generally automated, set to take place overnight when personnel are not logged into the system.

How do you implement your solutions?
MD Billing Solutions assigns a dedicated project manager to your account who remains your point of contact and oversees the entire process. Our professional trainers work with your staff during pre-installation, information input and system installation to familiarize them with the system. We provide more immediate training once installation is complete,and continue to follow up after week 1 to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Will your system replace our billing staff?
With our medical billing services taking much of the time-consuming paperwork and filing hassles off your office staff’s shoulders, they can comfortably shift their focus to important daily operations and individualized patient care. You can also cut some of your overhead costs by tightening your HR department.

Are your service guaranteed?
We guarantee to beat your expectations and deliver on our service promises to your ultimate satisfaction. When you choose our EHR and Billing Bundle, we only get paid if we manage to get your patients to pay you.

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